Slug-pellet T5



Slug pellet spreader and small drilling devices, 70litres, working width 3-12metres.

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440,00 € tax excl.

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Hauteur 650mm

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Fitted with a turbine with adjustable baffle plate enabling the spreading width to be adjusted from 3 to 10 meters with small seeds and 12 meters with slug pellet.

The device is the same for slug pellets and small seeds.

Polythene tank : 70litres (50kgs slug pellets)

frame: epoxy coated steel. 

A settings table is included. The adjustment is from 1 to 220 kg/hour on a scale graduated from 0 to 30. T4 -T5 WEB.JPG

Used behind a seed drill, the device can be placed at the side while retaining projection to the rear of the seed drill.

For green manure it can be fitted on a soil working machine.


The plate works with a 12 volts motor.

*Our advice : for an electrical shutter and larger working width please choose T24 or T28.